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. . . It has been years since our girls graduated from APS (our youngest was in the Class of 2004)  but we attended the recent June Promotion Celebration and felt like it was only yesterday. The evening was exceptional! 
     We loved how the seniors' lives were presented a little at a time throughout the whole ceremony. We only knew our nephew, but after it was all done, we felt like we knew them all and were proud of them all..
     Cindee and Richard, you two NEVER sease to amaze us!  We love your family and appreciate your faithfulness more than you'll ever know.
     Again, thank you for helping us home school our daughters.
- The Schwartz Family
. . . We enjoyed the June Promotion Celebration. It was so well organized. My girls felt very special and loved getting their medals and certificate. A great way to finish off the year. 
- The Caffey Family
. . . the many resources and extra opportunities that APS provides, and all within a
      community of kind believers. So thankful!

- The Yoo Family


. . . the freedom I have to homeschool my children while having the "safety net" of

      such a strong group of people who have been there before me. I would have

      never tried homeschooling on my own, but APS made me feel like I could definitely

      give my kids a quality education at home.

- The Mather Family


. . . We have enjoyed all of the activities! PE, Teaching Tuesday and field trips -- we are having so much fun with our new friends! - The Onder Family


. . . the clear advice and trustworthy guidance in making sure my daughter is on track with all she needs to get accomplished. - - The Whitfield Family


. . . we can honor God by simultaneously giving our children a high quality Christian education while still being wise stewards of the money He has entrusted us with.PS - Also Richard and Cindee are awesome! :)

- The Meadows Family


. . . the family connections, the fantastic field trips, and wonderful Jr. High /Sr. High events.

- The Steadman Family


. . . Christ is the center surrounded by lots of love from others

- The Siracusa Family


. . . Most high school graduations are impersonal, but not with APS. Families grow up with each other and enjoy the celebrations in a close and personal way!

- The Wiedman Family


. . . Richard and Cindee stay involved in school events/activities even though their kids are out of the homeschooling age. They coach and play volleyball with the kids and even attend field trips!

- The Jennings Family


. . . is having relationships with like-minded, God fearing families that are experiencing the same day to day adventure as my family.

The Buck Family


. . . the personal care that Richard and Cindee give to all of their families. After being with APS for 20+ years, I am touched again and again by their care for us.

- The Kenney Family


. . . that as a new family to APS this year, we have not only enjoyed the professional and organized way things are done, but also the friendliness with which we have been welcomed.
- The Mouron Family

. . . that it’s more than a school; it’s a group of believers who genuinely love and encourage one another. We’re all in the trenches together striving to train up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!
- The Gibson Family

. . . Never in my wildest dreams did I realize what a special experience joining APS would be for our family.  Now, we cannot imagine being involved with any other school!! Everything is done with EXCELLENCE and such professionalism!!  But, the best thing is we feel like we are part of a beautiful family.  We are BLESSED to be part of this wonderful private school.  We will be life-long supporters of APS!!

- The Bonaventura Family

. . . that our girls have friendships with people who understand what “friendship” means. APS kids are loving and loyal.
- The Simmons Family


. . . Genuine friendships, educational adventures and engaging classes are just a few of the many blessings the LORD has given us through APS.

- The Salsbury Lipson Family


. . . the Body of Christ working together, each doing its part, making such an efficiently-run organization.  I see so many servant hearts.

- The Thompson Family

. . . the faithful praying.  There have been so many needs this year in the group, and it's been special to see everyone united in prayer.

- The Schultz Family

. . . that APS is here! So often I realize that the structure APS provides is there because the Grants and other moms and dads are willing to devote so much time and energy so that the school provides quality education. They give structure to those of us who started homeschooling with an education but not much know-how. They give opportunities that would not otherwise be there. They show kindness to our kids when they need encouragement. God is so good! I thank Him for leading us here!
- The Kelley Family

. . . I appreciate the professional expertise of Richard and Cindee Grant more that I can say. They make me feel more than equipped to complete homeschooling my children through high school and I’m very grateful to them for that. I also appreciate the committed workforce they have working under them to make co-op classes, sports, etc happen. It's an excellent program. 
- The Devaney Family

. . . that, as a school, we strive for excellence in all we do. It encourages me to teach my child with the same high standards. As Christians, we have a high calling. APS helps me “press on toward the goal…
- The Harding Family​​

. . . the privilege of being with others who are devoted to the Lord, to their families, and to the education of their children.
- The Henri Family

. . . the vision of excellence that is portrayed in every aspect of our school.
- The Todd Family

. . . the Grants. Without them we wouldn’t have APS. They are two of the most kind and thoughtful people I have met. They maintain high Godly standards running APS in all its many areas. Both have been so encouraging and helpful. May our Lord bless their ministry and the fruit of their hands.
- The Freeman Family

. . . the fact that Mrs. Miranda, the art teacher, inspires and encourages the students to be creative using their artistic skill and to have fun while doing it.
- The Atherton Family

. . . the wonderful friends we have all made and kept throughout the years.
- The Kenney Family

. . . the people! It’s wonderful having fellowship with the parents and the kids.
- The Caulkins Family

. . . strong leadership which allows families to get together and get involved in the many activities.
- The Jacobson Family

. . . that they keep me on track and accountable.
- The Griffin Family

. . . the accountability, organization, and support. Richard and Cindee are wonderful examples and mentors!
- The Nicks Family

. . . that all four of our children can do PE together.
- The Fay Family

. . . the great like-minded, true friends our children have made.
- The Ruelas Family

. . . that we pray for one another. The prayer letters are a blessing. It is good to pray for others and also to know that resource is available if you need it.
- The Andrus Family

. . . the comfort we get from insightful critique of the lesson plans, confidence that all required paperwork is competently handled, and comprehensive planning of activities.
- The Atherton Family

. . . in APS our kids are not only focusing on academics, but on character and integrity as well.
- The Dominguez Family

. . . APS deals with the paperwork so I can focus on teaching my kids. APS does such a thorough job I don’t worry about that part of home schooling.
- The Griffin Family

. . . the rules of conduct and behavior for APS students are the same as at our house and our church. Therefore, our children have consistency of standards.
- The Andrus Family

. . . the people in APS! Having just entered the home schooling world with an 8th grader and 4th grader, I have never felt alone because of the network that APS provides. If one person hasn’t “been there” or “done that,” someone else has!
- The Lippencott Family

. . . APS has made so many things so easy. I get forms on their great website; all my children can participate in PE and sports league; meetings are streamlined and smoothly run; we have met many friends who are close-by and fun. APS is a great community.

- The Jacobson Family

. . . Richard and Cindee Grant’s dedication to us is amazing! We can’t believe how they selflessly lead APS even though their children have graduated.
- The Nicks Family

. . . APS maintains high standards. The goals and requirements set by APS offer a path for its students leading directly to higher education, while strengthening its students’ sense of community and biblical values.
- The Geiser Family

. . . the commitment and dedication of the leadership. The Grant’s continual service towards all of us is inspiring and infectious. God bless them!"
- The Thompson Family

. . . in APS there is a wealth of knowledge available from other parents.
- The Vick Family













What I like BEST about APS is . . .

. . . We can NOT say enough about how how wonderful the APS Graduation ceremony was! Every moment was taken into consideration and no detail was overlooked. Every child was made to feel special and you got an opportunity to get to know each senior.
     The senior video, when the seniors say thank you to their families, always makes me cry, and this year was no exception. This year's video (the best one by far) had an extra special twist; between tears of pride and pure laughter there was not a dry eye in the building.
     Although, we have graduated our baby we can't wait for next year's ceremony, as the just keep getting better and better!        
     Thank you Richard and Cindee for all you do
(and Richard for you mad editing skills).
- The Burnham Family
. . . there is a teamwork approach to home schooling in APS. We enjoy working with other families for the common goal of educating our children to be leaders of tomorrow who love the Lord. We also love the relationships, yearbook, and sports program!"
- The Amerson Family

. . . APS shows support, fellowship, friendship, and love from all the families."
- The Steadman Family

. . . we are so fortunate to belong to such an outstanding school as APS for twelve years. Last year, as our daughter graduated, APS went beyond our expectations in helping her with college transcripts, advice, and personal letters of recommendation for scholarships. Cindee and Richard: you are special friends and amazing people. Thank you for giving so much to our family!
- The Brohmer-Hansen Family

. . . in APS there is a support structure provided by the other families. Everyone is so helpful, friendly, and welcoming. What a blessing!
- The Messina Family

. . . we love the opportunities APS provides us. We have been so blessed with the high school co-op, the sports program, and all the many other little blessings APS offers. The flexibility these programs give is invaluable to us. We can tell that APS is dedicated to excellence and to providing for its wonderful families.
- The McClain Family

. . . we receive encouragement at our quarterly APS meetings to press on in the race that God has set before us as home school families, and the commitment to high standards of excellence.
- The Lagemann Family

. . . the fellowship we enjoy with so many like-minded parents and kids! And there are always new families to meet and new friendships to be made. We are SO blessed.
​​​​​​- The McHaddad Family

. . . the kindred spirit among us which is the Lord.
- The Moser Family

. . . the willingness of the other APS moms to encourage and support me from their experience. There is always someone who has “gone before me” in a particular situation. Thank you to each of you.
- The Knight Family

. . . the kids, the parents, the Grants, and the activities. APS has been the best home schooling organization we have ever been in.
- The Willhoite Family

. . . the families who are dedicated to the training and nurturing of their children.
- The Thompson Family

. . . how organized it is and how friendly everyone is.
- The Anderholt Family

. . . the sense of community. People are so willing to reach out and offer whatever assistance others need, whether it's prayer, meals, teaching and curriculum ideas, or just encouragement.
- The Baarns Family

. . . that APS keeps me current on all my paperwork by having realistic deadlines. It reduces my frustration in organizing all the paperwork required in home schooling.
- The Berning Family

. . . the Grants, and their enthusiasm and faithfulness to the APS families. Their dedication to home schooling has been a great example to us.
- The Hani Family

. . . their organization, willingness to help, and the caliber of people involved in the school.
- The Andrus Family

. . . their support! Starting with Richard and Cindee and moving down to the newest of APS family members, our family has always received kind, generous, and loving support, which has truly made our first two years home schooling an enjoyable success. The support also gives us the hope to continue until the "BIG 12" (12th grade that is)! "
- The Wishard Family

. . . that every year with APS gets better and better! It’s a blessing and a privilege to home school along side of so many wonderful people! "
- The Caulkins Family

. . . the organization. I know my children’s records and future are in good hands.
- The Sanonis Family

. . . we love homeschooling because we are able to see the light come on in our child’s eyes when he says “I GET IT!” APS has given us the support to make it happen!
- The Craig Family

. . . for us, APS is an adventure that allows us to pursue a godly, academic education. Thank you Richard and Cindee. Because of your ENCOURAGEMENT and VISION, we can truly “Celebrate Excellence!
- The Ferkovich Family

. . . what we liked best about homeschooling this year is that APS is a supportive group of like-minded parents, inspired toward Godly educational and character development, who want to see our children influence the future.
- The Ulrich Family

. . . homeschooling is a blessing, a challenge and a joy, plus an investment of time and love. APS instills the discipline and excellence that we need and provides us encouragement and support. Thank you, Grants!!!
- The Parker Family

. . . for our family, homeschooling is an opportunity to learn about LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS and SELF-CONTROL. Thank you APS for helping our family learn at home!
- The Knight Family

. . . their knowledge, understanding, godly encouragement and excellent activities.
- The Collins Family

. . . we love the many activities available to the kids. 'If you want it to happen, make it happen.' Anything is possible with home schooling! The kids have strong friendships and wonderful memories with APS.
- The Markey-Hancock Family

. . . there is integrity and accountability in APS that I don't find in other Independent Study Programs...New Students are immediately included, even embraced, by our sports teams. This gets an A++ in my book.
- The Childers Family

. . . we appreciate the standard upheld in our school and the tone that it sets. It raises the bar for our children, and it shows in their character.
- The Levis Family

. . . the Kids! APS kids are the BEST! (Their parents are pretty cool, too!)
- The Tuccillo Family

. . . I love the Moms! It has been a blessing to work together and have fun together. The encouragement and support of APS parents makes the job of home schooling enjoyable.
- The Paine Family

. . . although each family teaches independently, we work together and form an interdependent team. It is in these relationships that we are deeply blessed!
- The Amerson Family

. . . we appreciate how loving and supportive our APS family has been to us. Through the year of difficult health and unemployment, we have felt very loved and cared for as APS families sent cards, brought meals, and prayed for us. Thank you all!
- The Lagemann Family

. . . I love having a network of wonderful people to glean insight from. APS families are wonderful! Thank you for being such a blessing.
- The Caulkins Family

. . . Richard and Cindee Grant's cheerful, dedicated leadership...They are so loving and supportive, and they run the tight ship we all need with a smile. Thank You!
- The Lero Family

. . . so many follow the Grants' lead in serving sacrificially! Thanks to all those who make APS what it is - a great group of families learning together!
- The Frankian Family

. . . we can home school our children with the confidence of knowing that there are caring, knowledgeable families eager to help us do the best possible job for our children."
- The Harding Family

. . . balance is the word I would use to describe APS. APS works hard to give home schooling a good name with the state without overburdening the parents. Thank you for your tireless effort, labor of love, and a job well done.
- The Maddox Family

. the families. The students have been so encouraging to our children and have exhibited loving kindness to them in many ways. We are joyous in seeing the word of the Lord in their lives!
​​- The Splaine Family

. . . how amazingly wonderful the children are to each other in APS! Heather has been made to feel so welcome by all the children. When learning a new sport, volleyball, she has received nothing but encouragement from everyone, kids and parents alike! We appreciate how kind everyone has been to us and will forever thank the Amersons for introducing us to APS, the Grants, and home schooling."
- The Leary Family


. . . I love being the 7th grade teacher in my child’s life. Because I am present in his daily activities I am available and aware of where he is in his growth and development, and how he is viewing himself, his God, and his peers.
- The Rick Family


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