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The following guidelines should be followed when requesting transcripts from

Libertas Preparatory School.


Libertas Preparatory Students and APS Alumni:


  • Please allow 5 days for requests to be completed.


  • For current Libertas students - requests for the first 3 official transcripts are free.


  • After 3, transcripts cost $5 each. 


  • Transcripts for all APS/Libertas alumni cost $5 each.


  • Requests for ‘Quick turn-around’ (less than 5 days) costs an additional $10 for each transcript.


Official Transcripts EMAIL OR U.S. POST*

  • Please make requests for official transcripts by email (if no payment is required) to:


  • Mail your request to the address below:

       Libertas Preparatory School

       PO BOX 802679

       Santa Clarita, CA 91380 


  • Make checks payable to Trinity Classical Academy


When requesting transcripts please include:

  • Students name.


  • The address of the institution/ residence you want your official transcript mailed to.


  • SASE is not required.


*Libertas will send an official transcript to you or to the institution to which you are applying;

  however, if you break the seal, it will no longer be considered “Official”.


Unofficial Transcripts – E-mail ONLY*

If you need an electronic copy of your transcript, you may request an unofficial copy of your transcript and have it sent to you as a PDF attachment via e-mail.  Only unofficial transcripts are available in this manner. 


When requesting an unofficial transcript please include:

  • Students name.


  • When an unofficial transcript is requested by e-mail, Libertas will send a PDF of the unofficial transcript only to the requester by return e-mail.


  • If a request comes from a student or their parent the transcript will be attached / sent by return e-mail to the requesting student or parent, only. Your records are private and as secure as possible. Students and their parents may not request unofficial transcripts be sent to another e-mail address.


  • If a request for an unofficial transcript comes from a college/institution the transcript will be attached /sent by return e-mail to the requesting college/institution, only.


* Unofficial Transcripts are not signed or sealed by Libertas.


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