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                                                          for all SUMMER SCHOOL courses must be received by the APS offic no later than June 30. Courses taken in summer are not listed on CUMS as part of the Fall course work, they are listed as being taken in the summer.

                             for all SUMMER SCHOOL courses should be recieved by the APS office no later than the 4th Saturday in August.

Students whose grades are turned in late may NOT have the summer school grades reflected in their CUMS by Orientation.  Grade sheets still not turned in by Orientation will be charged the standard $10 per form, per week late fee, beginning the 4th Saturday in August.

SUMMER SCHOOL OUTSIDE OF THE HOME  If a summer school course is taken outside of the home (e.g. a community college), make sure you make arrangements with the instructor to get the grade and written grade verification by the APS deadline. 

You should arrange for grades to come by a signed note, post card, e-mail, or letter - DO NOT wait for college grades or CUMS to be posted online. It will cost you if you are late. Getting the grades and instructor verification to APS on time is your responsibility, regardless of any circumstances, and will cost you $10 per form, per week if late, beginning the 4th Saturday in August.

Instructor verification of grades (signed note, post card, e-mail, or letter) needs to be attached to the APS grade sheet which is due by the last week in AUG (see above). Standard late fees apply to grade sheets turned in without instructor verification.

CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT  Please see your APS Survival Guide

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