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1. Encourages parent/teacher accountability.

2. Fulfills California State requirements in filing a private school affidavit.
3. Provides lesson planning, attendance sheets, and other required forms.
4. Performs student record keeping (CUM files).
5. Will request transfer of records from former school.
6. Provides the services of a Curriculum Director.
7. Provides a network for home educators.
8. Provides telephone consultation regarding academic or procedural questions.
9. Distributes educational information.
10. Provides a 'master-teacher' advisory service.
11. Provides optional diagnostic testing and/or academic testing resources upon request.
12. Provides optional video-based instructional materials.
13. Arranges educational 'in service' training, Q & A sessions, and 'field trips'.
14. Assists with High School academic planning to fulfill graduation requirements.
15. Provides a High School diploma of graduation upon completion of all requirements.
16. Arranges for optional school pictures and school photo-id cards.
17. Hosts academic competition, i.e. Spelling and Geography Bees.
18. Provides a group discount rate for HSLDA membership.
19. Provides one free copy of the APS Home School Survival Guide.
20. Provides a free annual subscription to The Lion's Roar.

In addition to the above, APS is registered with the national College Board Testing Distribution Center for PSAT and SAT college entrance exams.

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