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K - 12*

Teaching Tuesdays (group unit studies), President's Challenge, PE Co-Op

K - 6*

7 - 12*

Art, Choir, Play Production, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Bowling, Ice Skating, Golf.

Volleyball, Aquatics, Soccer, Yearbook, Sr High Co-Op, Jr High Co-Op

Sample of Courses Offered

in Past Years:

* May not be offered every year.
  May have grade level requirements.

  The cost or courses varies and is not part

   of initial tuition

APS Home School TT


APS Home School Co-Op Boys

APS offers any number of courses and activities for students each year.

These parent-sponsored courses and activities may differ from year to year.

In addition, students who qualify may take advantage of courses offered at local and/or online colleges.  APS will assist families with concurrent enrollment in such courses.

APS encourages parents to expose their children to music, drama, speech/debate and other forms of performing arts.

In supprt of parental efforts to engage their students in the arts APS endeavors to provide opportunities for artisitic expression each year, as resources allow.  In the past these efforts have included plays/musicials, speech/debate competition, art classes, display of student artwork, student band, choir, graphic art (yearbook), etc.

APS Home School TT Pirates
APS Home School Peter Pan
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