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APS Home School Books by Richard Lewis Grant
APS Home School Books by Richard Lewis Grant
APS Home School Books by Richard Lewis Grant
APS Home School Books by Richard Lewis Grant
APS Home School Books by Richard Lewis Grant
APS Home School Books by Richard Lewis Grant


• "I am thoroughly intrigued."

• "We liked Nemo and Quasar because the interaction between them is hilarious."
• "I appreciate the use of climax to create tension and
captivate the reader."

• "I think this plot is ingenious. I am hooked."
• "We hear our kids say things like, can we finish Silverglade and then do our homework?"
• "We have used the examples of Falcon

and Gannon in their brotherly love and respect for each other as character examples for our own children."


​"The Silverglade Series by Richard Grant are great books for a slightly younger [than adult] audience.

In this world full of explicit themes in fiction such as violence and sensuality, these books harken back to Narnian days. Full of spirit and adventure, these are sure to please readers.

Morality, suffering, courage, true love, friendship all the great values this world has forgotten to pass to the younger generations is present here. Bravo Richard Grant for your stance in the world of literature!

I own all the books in this series and I intend to pass them on! May we all be worthy... for I will not go silently into that darkest of night, I will rage, rage against the dying of the light..."


​"What a great book! Richard Grant's book about Nemo and Quasar and the House of Hiram is the quintessential story for boys of just about any age! (Even for Dad's!)  However...I should emphasize that although the main characters are boys, my daughter loved this story just as much as any boy would!

The sense of adventure, loyalty, and excitement is one that both girls and boys can relate to! As a matter of fact, my daughter Tori has read it more than once and she is 16 and a high school junior now!

we all want our children to know! It will be a classic. I'm hoping it will be a movie someday!truth, loyalty and other important values ....and speaks for mysterious and exciting taleIt's a wonderful,

Hurry, hurry, Mr. Grant, we're awaiting the next title in the series!"

Sulanish ä illushea maggnis nôviň,
Yui sulanish ä pedani glnnera tok.
May your light be bright and
may your walk be worthy.

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