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The APS College Scholarship is available only to 12th grade students

currently enrolled in APS and in good standing.

It is awarded at the June Promotion Celebration


APS College Scholarship Deadline: April Workshop

(no late applications accepted beyond workshop).


Application for the APS College Scholarship must be made no earlier than

Feb 15 and no later than the April Workshop.

There is NO application form.

There are required application items. (see below) 

     All items must be submitted together in a large envelope.

     Envelopes that are missing one or more application items will not be considered.

     Write the applicant's first and last name on the front of the envelope.


If you need an application item from the APS office (e.g. GPA, CUM, SAT scores), you need to request it in writing, via US Post, with SASE, at least two weeks prior to the deadline.  A 'quick turn-around fee' of $10 applies for requests made less than two weeks prior  to the deadline.  The APS Office will NOT automatically include SAT scores, GPA, etc. for you.

The APS Office actually never opens your application envelope.  Your application items are copied by APS Board members (without your names) and the copies are forwarded to the Scholarship panel of judges.


To be considered for the APS College Scholarship APS seniors must supply all of the following items (no more, no less):

  • Copy of SAT (or ACT) test score sheet.

  • Current total GPA including 1st semester grades from senior year. (Obtain from APS office)

  • Letters of reference from all three of the following:

  1. pastor or youth pastor

  2. non-family member

  3. someone with whom you have worked (employer, coach, Sunday school teacher, community leader, charitable organization, etc.)

  • Student Essay detailing accomplishments, future plans, school/community service, college major or plans, etc. Essay must be typed and limited to no more than 3 pgs.

  • Active* eScrip membership number.

         All applicant families must be active* members of the eScrip program.

        *A minimum eScrip contribution of $10 from the applicant's family to APS earned from Jan-Dec in the year prior to graduation is

         required to apply for the APS college scholarship.

  • Proof of admission to a college (or name of colleges of choice if admission has not been finalized by April Workshop. Proof of admission must be provided by May 10 at the latest.)


The APS College Scholarship will be awarded to only one APS senior each year. The scholarship recipient will be required to provide a class schedule or other proof of enrollment before funds will be distributed. If proof of enrollment is not provided, the scholarship will expire September 1 of the year it was awarded. The Scholarship will not be awarded if no student meets the requirements.


The Scholarship is supported by participation in eScrip.  The Scholarship amount is limited to the amount of scholarship funds raised from Jan-Dec in the year prior to graduation up to $2,500.00. Please join eScrip if you are not already a member.

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